Caring for your ship: what does it entail?

 Coating consultant

As a yacht owner, you want to be ensured of the optimal condition of your vessel. Damage caused by marine life, frictional resistance and other conditions should have minimal impact on the yacht’s outer layer. But extensive planning and strategizing maintenance is most likely not the reason you purchased your yacht. And not everyone has the time to undertake a study into the do’s and don’ts of ship care.

Smooth sailing with coating consultancy

Luckily, yacht owners can enlist the help of coating professionals to get assistance. Coating consultants can help finding the right treatment for your ship by detecting the features of pre-existing coating, performing analysis on your ship’s bottom coating, and do the same for waterline, outboard and deck coating. These consultants are then able to provide yacht owners with advice about different types of service. One can think of the right type of paint to resist seawater and shield off fouling influences. Another option is to optimize corrosion resistance by testing your ship’s surfaces and applying the appropriate treatment, in order to prevent damage from ultraviolet radiation.

The complete package

When it comes to yacht maintenance, there is so much to think of. It’s almost impossible to take a comprehensive, well-informed decision about the type of service your ship requires. Contacting a coating consultant can be of great help for individuals who want to make sure that their vessel gets the attention it deserves. Their test reports include analysis of all aspects that are vital to keeping your ship well-maintained in every condition. Be it wave shock, oil erosion or cargo tank damage caused by chemicals.

Advice without any obligations

Yacht owners looking for advice on their ship’s outer layer often worry about the costs involved. After all, owning a yacht can be expensive enough. But consultancy trajectories nowadays often start with a free first intake session, which results in no obligations on the end of the yacht owner.

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